I acted as the web content manager at Melbourne University, and also worked creating corporate identity for various departments, working on the Discovery Day project. This involved designing and painting the Faculty banner and designing signage.

I administered a large number of sites, as both Content Manager and designer, and also worked as a Helpdesk Technician as required, troubleshooting problems and helping both students and staff. I used a request tracking system during this time, monitoring for issues, resolving problems, and escalating critical incidents.

.:Relevant Skills:.
§ Planning and Communication
§ Graphic Design
§ Project Management
§ Client Liaison
§ Content Management
§ Helpdesk and Training

.:Website Links:.
§ Melbourne University Education Faculty


.:Employment History:.
§ Vanguard Media
§ Dept Treasury/Finance
§ Gaming Companies
§ Melbourne University
§ Monash University

.:Flash Slideshow:.
Warning - Music! Website slideshow of sites I have produced.

.:Contact Details:.
Ms Ceredwyn Ealanta
16 Highbury Ave
Hampton East, 3188
Vic, Aust
Mob: 0400 590807
Home: 9555 7757
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