Keith Ealanta, BComp, has more than fifteen years commercial programming experience covering a wide variety of languages and environments. He has helped develop systems for areas as diverse as meteorology, medical imaging, computer gaming, finance and communications.

Keith is a specialist in understanding new environments, and has experience in all levels of application design and development from Web, Graphical, Programmatic and Command Line interfaces, through Database, AI and Communications programming, and down to Assembly code, Embedded systems, and Data-Stream debugging.

As a systems administrator, Keith has worked with Windows systems from 3.1 to 2003 server, with various forms of Linux (RedHat, Debian, etc.)and commercial Unix-based systems (Sco, AIX etc.) and with a variety ofservice packages including Microsoft's IIS, SQL Server and ExchangeServer, Oracle, MySQL, Apache, Postgresql, TomCat, Bind, Cyrus and many more.

Keith's RESUMÉ (PDF)

Keith's interests include: