How to Get there



Relevant Maps


Here are the instructions on how to get to the wonderful place that is Raymond Falls. Jump to the appropriate area below:

Bring Your Own Water

We're going to try to bring a large supply of water in, but while the local water is suitable once boiled, and probably alright anyway, I'd BYO.

Bring Wood

We're in a national park.  There is some suitable wood locally, but we can't collect within the park.

Be sensible about Fire. 

The safe spot if there's a bushfire is a kilometer or so from the campsite.  We'll keep a radio check each night for fire bans and warning of any fires in the area (not that it's hard to tell.)


Quick Instructions

  • Follow the Princess Highway out of Melbourne until you reach Orbost.
  • Once in Orbost, turn off onto Scotts Street which then becomes Jarrahmond Road.
  • Follow Jarrahmond Road until you reach the Yalmy road turnoff on the right.
  • Follow the Yalmy Road out of Orbost until you reach the turnoff marked to Raymond Falls along the Moresford Road.
  • Continue along Moresford road until you reach the campsite. This is 7-8kms
  • The name of the campsite is Raymond Falls campsite
  • Relax and have a cuppa, you're there.

The Northern Entrance

For those travelling from the North, I strongly recommend you get the governments 1:100,000 map sheets for the area from Bonang to Orbost.  The best route to the falls is via Yalmy rd. 

This is a long dirt road, and I know nothing about the conditions of the northern reaches of it.  The Southern section it a good firm, fast dirt road, through dense enough bush to shield a little from the summer heat.

The alternatives are following the slightly more major Bonang highway right the way in to Orbost then turning North again on Yalmy Rd., or following the Bonang Highway half way then following the lesser roads and logging tracks through.


The Southern Approach

Coming from the south it's straight forward till you get to Orbost.

Follow the Princes Highway East out of Melbourne, and keep following it till you get to Orbost (approx. 600km).  There is a useful shortcut by taking the faster and shorter back road, rather than driving through Lake Entrance, but either way will get you there eventually.

Once you reach Orbost, you need to follow the main street towards the back of the town to the turn off to Yalmy road.  I believe it's signposted, but I got lost last time, as I turned to early.

The road to Raymond Falls is signposted and easy to follow, just watch for it on your right once you've left Orbost. 
Anyway, there's maps, you don't need instructions.