For Steve Jackson Games I illustrated several scenes for the Science Fiction Roleplaying game ‘Transhuman Space’, including technical diagrams and social scenes. These were mostly ‘high tech’ style images involving precision, clarity, and close adherence to descriptions.

I also illustrated several game supplements for Dark Quest Games, including one involving animals, and one on medieval style cultures and villages. In addition, for Dilly Green Bean Games, I illustrated a book about various monstrous creatures, and helped with the text and direction.

I regularly engage in freelance illustration work.

.:Artwork Gallery:.

Burlo's Herbal
Cobra Familiar
Wizard's Living Room
Trans Human Space

Engines of the Fall
Rook at the Opera


.:Relevant Skills:.
§ Planning and Communication
§ Graphic Design
§ Graphic Art

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§ Transhuman Space @ SJGames
§ DarkQuest Games
§ Dilly Green Bean Games


.:Employment History:.
§ Vanguard Media
§ Dept Treasury/Finance
§ Gaming Companies
§ Melbourne University
§ Monash University

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